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Due to our long-standing experience in the machining of high-precision contacts, and mindful of the challenges related to the Medical sector, we have been manufacturing electrical contacts co-designed and produced specifically for medical connectors and applications.  Along with traceability feature, their technology facilitates :

  • Surgical time reduction
  • Less invasive procedures
  • Remote care 
  • Patients prompter recovery
  • Costs optimization for patients and professionals


Our engineers are involved from the very first stage of your project. They will assist you in the design of the electrical parts to ensure its optimal production for highest performance. They will also provide you with technical support throughout the project.


In order to meet your demand, our expert technicians will then manufacture a prototype which will be subjected to numerous quality control procedures which can be customizable to your specs and all prototypes will be submit to your validation before mass production.

Our medical electrical contacts are easy to assemble on your different connectors.


A glimpse in some connectors we can be assembled onto:

  • Embedded electronics connectors
  • PCB
  • Push-pull circular connectors
  • Push-pull connectors
  • RF connectors
  • Cable
  • Disposable plastic connectors
  • Hybrid circular connectors
  • Receptacle systems
  • Power cords with retention systems
  • Lighted hospital-grade cords
  • magnetic medical connectors, etc.


A glimpse in some medical applications:

  • Patients monitoring devices/ systems
  • Surgical robots
  • Imaging scopes
  • Probes
  • Pace makers
  • Cardiac MRI equipment
  • Pumps
  • Defibrilators
  • Diagnostic and digital imaging equipment
  • Therapeutic and implatable devices
  • Medical imaging (MRI Machines, CAT scanners…)
  • Electrophysiology catheters… (en rajouter: changer), etc.


Thanks to our machines with high technological capacities and capabilities and to our vertical integrated production line, we can manufacture standard mono bloc and custom-made, inners bodies, pin and socket contacts of different sizes, including nano contacts.

Innovative and safer contacts for medical devices

Security, Innovationhigh precision and user-friendly for patients and professionals, are the driving forces behind our production of electrical contacts for medical systems. Some of our contacts present cost and time optimization advantages:

  • Possibility to change a contact withouth damaging the connector
  • Capability to repair faulty connectors
  • Room for high density connectors in narrow areas

Our production processes massively enable strict quality controls such as 100% forces control inspection, dimensions, positions, angles, length as well as products traceability.



Key Facts

Our technology offers several advantages

Minimal contacts for minimally invasive procedures

Expert in complex forms with sizes from #23 to #30, we produce nano contacts enabling minimally invasive procedures for patients' faster recovery. They also allow home and remote care.

High tolerance in critical conditions

our contacts are overmolded and textured for resistance in extreme and challenging conditions such as sterilization processes (steam-sterilization, dry-heat sterilization,…) slippery liquids or stress, etc. They are manufactured to have a long-life cycle and to prevent any technical alteration of devices.

Security, Mobility and Wearability

Compliant with IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), our medical contacts facilitate high-band width capability with secured data, power and signal transmission. Their light weight are adapted to safe remote use by patients their sophisticated and sleek design compete with high performance.

Our certifications


EN 9100
EN 9100
REACH Compliant
REACH Compliant
RoHS Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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transparent communication with our customers

Costs optimization with high performance

All of or contacts are produced following stringent procedures and innovative solutions such as the SwisscoatTM . The SwisscoatTMis an innovative gold-plating solution, enabling up to 20%off on contacts total costs production but retaining the same high level of performance and security.


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Product Overview

Gold-plated male contacts with PC tail, made in Switzerland by Lemco Précision SA

Pin contact with PCB tail

<p>Gold-plated male contacts with PCB tail, manufactured in our swiss plants. These contacts can be used in SUB-D connectors along with rectangular and in circular connectors. The products are off the shelf. Different types of terminations are...

Gold-plated female contact with solder cup, produced in Switzerland by Lemco Précision

Socket contact with solder bucket

Standard socket contact which does not require clients drawing for production. We provide a custom drawing with dimensions and those electrical contacts are are available off the shelf.

90° bended socket

90° bent female contact with gold-plated PCB tail which is manufactured in our plants in Switzerland. As a standard contact, it does not require clients' drawing. They are sbmitted to the highest level of quality controls.

Male contact with solder bucket, produced by Lemco Précision SA, gold plated and size 20

Pin contact with solder bucket

Male contact with solder bucket, gold plated and manufactured in size 20. These contacts are produced in our swiss-based plants and can be adapted to your specifications.

Female contact with gold wire wrap, produced by Lemco Précision SA

Socket contact with wire wrap

Female contact with gold wire wrap, produced in size #26 in Switezrland. According to your connectors requirements, we can manufacture smaller or bigger dimensions.

Pin PC and gold-plated socket contact made in Switzerland by Lemco Précision

Pin contact with bent PCB tail

Gold-plated standard pin contact with a 90° bent PC tail, produced in our Swiss plants. The contact size is #20 but sizing can be customized to any drawing and specific requirements. We have a great expertize in bent parts and guarantee excellence...

Pin contact with a 90% folded PC tail, gold plated and manufactured by Lemco Précision SA

Socket contact with PCB tail

Standard Socket contact manufactured in our swiss plants. These contacts do not require clients'drawing as we provide a custom drawing with dimensions. Size of the contact is #20 but depending on your needs, our experts can customize the dimensions ...

Hooded socket contact with PCB tail

Hooded socket contacts can be assembled on Arinc 600 connectors and on customized connectors. The back side of the socket goes into PCB and it’s fixed by soldering process. These standard electrical contacts are a perfect fit for Military and Civil...

Removable cap crimp with gold plated colour code manufactured by Lemco Précision SA and used in mil aero and civil aviation

Hooded removable socket with crimp termination

Standard AS 39029 Hooded removable socket contact in gold-plated, with color-coding and crimp termination. Contacts are manufactured in our Swiss plants and to be assembled on your certified standard circular and rectangular connectors.

Removable sockets with crimp termination and integrated retention clip manufactured by Lemco Précision SA aero and civil aviation

Socket contact with crimp termination

Socket contact manufactured with crimp termination and machined in Switzerland. Those are removable and have a retention clip integrated. Contacts terminations are customizable as per your specifications and contacts are perfect match for circular...

Gold-plated male contacts with PC tail, made in Switzerland by Lemco Précision SA

Pin contact

Gold-plated male contacts with PCB tail, made in Switzerland. They can be assembled on your D-SUB connectors and on rectangular & circular connectors.

Removable pin with clip and crimping barrel machined by Lemco Précision SA

Removable pin with clip and crimp termination

Standard electrical contact with retention clip integrated. This range of pin contacts, can be assembled on standard circular & rectangular connectors. They can be used in Civil Aviation and Industrial sectors for instance.

Removable pin with colour-coded crimping barrel, produced in Switzerland by Lemco Précision SA

Removable pin with crimp termination

Standard AS 39029 pin contact, with colour-coded crimping barrel, produced in Switzerland. Contacts are to be assembled on your certified standard circular & rectangular connectors and are suitable to Military, Aviation and Aerospace applications....

Removable pin with PC tail and colour code produced by Lemco Précision SA

Removable pin with PCB tail termination

Standard electrical removable pin contact manufactured with PCB tail and colour-coding, in our Swiss plants. PC termination is customizable as per as your needs and contacts are resistant to severe environment and critical usage. The contacts can be...

Gold-plated removable pin with PC tail, made by Lemco Précision SA

Removable bent pin with PCB tail termination

Removable bent pin contact with PC tail which can be assembled on your circular and rectangual connectors or on your customized connectors. The assembly is operated by soldering on PCB. These are manufactured in gold-plated color but production and...

Pin body with crimp termination

Pin body contact receiving a plastic insulator with eight inner contacts. It is an octoax connector. The crimp termination permits to assemble with cable.

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Contacts are produced with high precision in order to optimize the performance of medical devices. They take into account the critical needs of medical personnel and their patients.


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