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Speciality electrical contacts

We produce speciality electrical contacts co-designed with our engineers based on client's drawings. Our expert technicians are responsible for the production of customized contacts. Here at Lemco Précision SA, we manufacture pin and socket contacts using a cold heading process and we are one of the leaders using this innovative method. This technology accelerates production lead times and allows us to offer competitive costs whilst maintaining the same high level of quality control and safety standards.


We produce pin crimp contacts and socket contacts using the innovative process for cold headed contacts.


Our engineers will guide you in designing a reliable cold headed contact. We will work closely with you, from the design stage to production, and manufacturing will take place in one of our production plants. These special electrical contacts are used on different types of connectors such as rectangular, circular, and triangular connectors. We guarantee 100% resistance to harsh environments.


Lemco Précision SA runs a series of controls, such as 100% retention forces for all contacts. Thanks to our strict policy from design for manufacture to production and delivery, we are proud to say that all of our contacts, including cold headed contacts, can be used in a variety of sectors, including harsh environments.

Highest quality level due to high automation
Save lead time production
Made in Switzerland

Product Overview

Pin contact with crimp barrel

These electrical contacts are co-designed based on clients'drawing. They are produced in our swiss plants, using the innovative cold heading process. They are adapted to rectangular, circular and triangular connectors.

Crimp socket produced by using the cold forming process by Lemco Précision

Socket contact with crimp barrel

The socket contacts with crimp, are co-designed based on clients'drawing. They are machined in our plants based in Switzerland, using the innovative cold heading process. The contacs are to be assembled onto rectangular, circular and...

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Experts in the machining of contacts since 1965

Based in Switzerland, Lemco Précision SA has a long-standing experience in the co-design and production of high-tech electrical contacts. As a result of this experience, we are also certified in standards relating to quality management systems.


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REACH Compliant
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RoHS Compliant

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Our contacts are co-developed with your teams and manufactured in our own production plants, offering the highest performance for your applications. No matter your project, we will help you on the way.

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