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Working at Lemco Précision SA is a rewarding and long-lasting adventure! With a team of over 200 employees, we are a world leader in high-precision screw machines. Our company is present in Europe, Africa, and Asia with production sites based in Switzerland.


We cater for an international market, with around 90% of our products exported to over 20 countries worldwide. Our clients include some of the 10 biggest companies in the sectors of aviation, aerospace, and medical devices. However, we don't only operate in these sectors, as we are constantly reinventing our technology to enter new markets such as the fibre optics sector.


We currently work from two offices located in Monthey and Vionnaz, Switzerland. Our teams and operations are rapidly growing, and we will shortly be moving to a new state-of-the-art headquarters with the aim of bringing our teams together for greater efficiency and collaboration between departments.


Our teams are very diverse, with employees of different nationalities and backgrounds, including certified technicians and engineers. We value everyone's contribution, safety and security, and believe in continuous training to stay up to date with the latest developments in the field. We offer a variety of opportunities and sincerely believe that a company can only succeed by harnessing the many talents and diversity of its employees.


If you wish to become part of our vision and work in a rapidly growing and welcoming environment, submit an application now!

Your first steps at Lemco Précision SA

To help you get started, we will be there to guide you as we believe it's important to grasp the essence of your workplace. You will receive training and your supervisor will organise meetings with the different parties involved to help you understand our operations. In addition, we give great importance to team spirit and organise lunches and barbecues so you can get to know your colleagues.

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What our employees say

I've worked for Lemco Précision SA for 13 years; I've had numerous opportunities to enrol in training programs such as CNC training courses and ISO certification. I have confidence in my ability to learn, constantly improve my skills and my performance.

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Onboarding at Lemco Précision SA

You will attend workshops at our headquarters to ensure smooth integration within our company, as well as meeting the different team members and parties so you can better understand the nature of the work and our overall mission.

Internships at Lemco Précision SA

<p>At Lemco Précision SA, we value skills development and learning experiences: this is why we offer a variety of internship opportunities to students looking for practical experience in our industry. Interns will be directly involved in our day-to-day activities and will take part in our everyday operations.</p>

On-the-job training

Whatever your position, whether an electrical contact manufacturer, a certified machine operator or a graduate student, we offer on-the-job training throughout your career to keep you up to date with the latest technologies and strategies. We believe that in order to give our best, we must be in sync with market trends.


We welcome apprentices from around the world. At Lemco, you can get to know your desired trade, whether it's a career in the production of electrical contacts or a certified precision engineer. We greatly value our apprentices. As a result, if there is a vacant position which suits you well, you could very well be offered the job.

Career development

Whether you are working behind the scenes or meeting with clients, your skills are vital to us; all of our departments are intertwined to ensure our success. Thanks to your training, performance, and personal aspirations, you will have the opportunity to join new departments because your career development matters to us.

Experienced professionals

We recruit experienced professionals from various backgrounds to challenge us, bring new ways of thinking and strengthen our position as a world-leading manufacturer. To help you understand our operations, you will visit our different workshops and departments to fully internalise your duties and help shape our vision.

Benefits of working at Lemco Précision SA


On-the-job training

On-the-job training

As technologies and professional approaches evolve, we offer on-the-job training to help our team stay informed and up to date with the latest technological innovations, ensuring the highest quality of work. We welcome younger generations for apprenticeships and offer internal and external training to all employees, including language courses.

Flexible hours and welcoming environment

Flexible hours and welcoming environment

Thanks to flexible working hours, our team is able to find a balance between personal and professional life. We make it our mission to provide a welcoming environment where our team feels at home. We believe that in order to perform well, our team must enjoy their work environment. Your safety and welfare are our priorities.

Career development

Career development

At Lemco, we value and encourage personal growth. We are always looking for new ways to let our team develop within the company and help them along their career path. Our goal is for you to enjoy working with us.

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Apprenticeships and Training at Lemco Précision SA

Apprenticeship & Training

Lemco Précision SA greatly values training programs, since we believe that it is essential to learn from each other. While we help you find your dream job, you will help us explore new ways of working and reinvent ourselves, always looking to the future and innovation: apprentices and interns are most welcome!

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