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We are an innovative and visionary company made up of men and women who are always looking to the future while remaining firmly anchored in the present, in order to meet your immediate needs as well as anticipate the ever-changing needs of the future with technological advances and an adaptive ecosystem.


To offer you the best products and services, we surround ourselves with the best employees in all departments, with now more than 200 loyal staff among the teams at Lemco Précision SA.


Our management team, with its rich and wide-ranging experience, sets the course for our operations in terms of strategy and rising to business challenges, as well as our ecological commitments. They use their skills and expertise to consolidate our position as a leading manufacturer of high-precision screw-machined electrical contacts, in particular the production of bent parts - long and fine or complex geometries - as well as nano contacts, in order to optimise the use of your different connectors and systems.


Since we sincerely believe that by working together, we can become better and stronger, our management teams work closely with all employees. And all of our departments work in total synergy.

Freedom of action for our teams

At Lemco Précision SA, we are committed to offering each of our employees a workplace in which team members are hired based solely on their knowledge, expertise, and merits. We are proud to have men and women of different nationalities and professional backgrounds, whose diversity is one of our strengths and assets.


  • Freedom to be yourself: Stay true to yourself at Lemco Précision SA.


  • Rich culture: Cultural diversity feeds our creative spirit and allows us to remain at the cutting-edge of technology.


  • Teamwork: We are better together.

Experts in the machining of contacts since 1965

Based in Switzerland, Lemco Précision SA has long-standing experience in the co-design and production of high-tech electrical contacts. As a result of this experience, we are also certified in standards relating to quality management systems.

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