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Career development, allowing our employees to flourish

While our primary mission is to produce high-precision and customizable electrical contacts as well as building lasting relationships with our clients and business partners, we put the same amount of dedication and effort into our relationship with our employees.


We are committed to providing a professional working environment in which our employees are allowed to flourish in order to reach their full potential, and to building a trusting and long-lasting relationship with them.


To this end, we promote career development through internal promotions and training.


Lemco Précision effectively encourages training for all of its employees, allowing them to acquire new skills and entrusting them with new responsibilities according to their own merit and ambition.


We believe that to remain the best and continue to innovate, we must be constantly learning, and our products and employees are the very essence of our success; it is therefore paramount that we take care of these assets.

Internal progression for all

Our career development plan aims to instil a healthy work environment, in which employees are free to express themselves and achieve their professional goals in harmony with their personal lives. We encourage the professional development, basing our decisions not only on professional skills, but also the ability to work self-sufficiently as well as within a team.

Ismaël's Story

Initially an Assistant-Operator of Precision Screw Machines Ismaël quickly took over production monitoring.

At the beginning of his career with us, he learned to operate the production machines, and thanks to his willingness to learn and his self-sufficiency, he was then able to take on more responsibilities.

In order to satisfy his desire to progress and reward his efforts, we proposed that he acquire new skills in the field of cam machines through internal training.

Individual coaching

We believe that in order to thrive in their role, each employee must have a career plan that allows them to grow within the company, for their good as well as ours, in order to remain market leaders in this sector.


This career plan depends on the personal ambitions and motivation of each employee, as well as their goals. Regardless of their career path, all employees are encouraged to develop according to their own aspirations and the availability of positions.

It is therefore essential that each employee defines their goals and identifies the means with which to reach them.


This skills assessment begins with a clear analysis of one's skills and areas for improvement; the management and HR teams will support the employee throughout this process and we have put in place mentoring, coaching, and internal training so that everyone may find their right place.

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