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Custom Electrical Contacts

The customized electrical contacts are co-designed based on your initial drawings for production and they are adapted to meet specific requirements of each client. The engineering team at Lemco Précision SA will support you throughout the project. All of our custom-made screw machines products are designed with high precision. All poroducts are subject to various quality control tests before final production and delivery.


Custom-made contacts, such as the hooded socket with press-fit, are designed according to the client's drawings. From prototyping to production, we manufacture customed products according to your needs.


The press-fit termination is a PCB tail termination. The new design enables clients to assemble the contacts with PCB by simply inserting them.


Soldering is removed from the production process and we are able to save time during the assembly process, leading to cost reductions.


The hooded socket contact is a customized electrical contact which we produce according to the needs of our clients. We are able to make special customization on different parameters such as, raw material, diameter, length and additional quality controls  to comply with your safety standards.

This contact can be put together  on different types of connectors such as for calculators as well as on rack panel aircraft calculators or in-flight entertainment systems. The back side is inserted into the printed circuit board and fixed in place by press-fit.


We use high-speed Swiss screw machines and CNC machines to produce our pins and socket contacts as well as inner bodies. Since our production is counducted in-house, with full monitoring of process control and capability, we are able to guarantee a high level of resistance to harsh environments applications, as well as full testing with the aim of achieving zero default.


Thanks to our long experience in high-precision screw machine parts production, our contacts can be used in a wide range of sectors.

Possibility to customize termination
Save lead time production
Made in Switzerland

Product Overview

Gold-plated, press-fit female cap contact produced by Lemco Précision SA

Hooded socket contact with press-fit

Custom-made design contact conceived based on clients’ original drawing. The termination pressfit is a PCB tail. The new design enables clients to assemble contacts with PCB by insertion only. The soldering is removed from production and we save...

Gold-plated socket with PC tail, suitable for industrial use by Lemco Précision SA

Socket contact with PCB tail

Gold-plated socket with PCB tail : This range of socket contacts with PCB termination, can be customised to all designs. Clients can assemble them on customised connectors and by soldering on PCB. They are manufactured in our Swiss plants and are ...

Cranked removable plug with PC tail for aviation and flight entertainment produced by Lemco Précision SA - Military, Industry, Railway

Hooded bended removable socket with PCB tail termination

Hooded bended removable socket contacts with PCB tail, are co-designed based on clients'drawing. These sockets can be piled up on customised connectors and assembled by soldering, on PCB. They are adapted to Military, Industry and Railway...

Sophisticated double-curved gold grip with PC tail by Lemco Précision SA

Double bended socket contact with PCB tail termination

Sophisticated custom-made double-bent electrical gold-plated contact with PCB tail : We are the specialist in co-designing and producing bent electrical parts and complex forms with multi-angles. All forms will be customised to your specifications,...

Gold-plated Winchester case with PC tail for use in the military sector produced by Lemco Précision SA

Winchester socket with PCB tail

Gold-plated Winchester socket contacts with PCB termination, are part of our high-sophisticated Winchester contacts range. They are co-designed according to clients' drawing and optimised for an optimal production. These electrical contacts can be...

Double Winchester with gold plating which can be assembled on custom connectors manufactured by Lemco Précision SA

Double Winchester

Lemco Précision Double Winchester electrical contacts are produced by our high precision screw machines in our plants in Switzerland. They can be assembled on tailored-made connectors. These contacts electrical connectors are co-designed based on...

Winchester socket to be assembled by crimping machined by Lemco Précision SA

Winchester socket contact with crimp termination

Winchester socket electrical contacts produced with crimp termination in small, medium and high volumes. Clients can assemble them on made-to-order connectors and by crimping the cable. They aim to be used for electrical applications in Railway...

Bent parts Winchester socket with gold-plated PC tail and co-developed by Lemco Précision SA

Winchester socket contact with bent PCB tail

Bent part with gold-plated PCB tail: We are the leader in customising and manufacturing bent parts in solid contacts, especially long and thin electrical contacts with small diameter, including complex forms such as S. These custom-made contacts will...

Winchester socket with welding cup used in medical equipment and produced by Lemco Précision SA

Electrical contact Winchester with solder bucket termination

These socket contacts with solder bucket termination, are part of our custom-made electrical contacts. Thanks to our vertical in-house production, we manage the manufacturing process from prototype to production and quality controls. Clients can use...

Gold-plated pin with solder cup produced by Lemco Précision SA

Pin contact with solder bucket termination

Gold-plated electrical pin contact: manufactured in our Swiss plants. Clients can assemble them on customised connectors and by solder bucket termination with cable. They are resistant to harsh environments and adaptable to Civil Aviation and...

Socket contact body with crimp termination

Socket contacts body are part of our range of electrical bodies components. Production depends on different criteria but overall, they are machined by receiving a plastic insulator with two inner contacts : this is a twinax connector. The crimp...

Socket contact body with PCB tail termination

Socket contact body with PC tail, are included in our range of electrical body contacts. They can receive a plastic insulator with three inner contacts: it is a triax connector. The PCB tail termination allows to make assembly with PCB by...

Double socket contact body

Double socket contacts bodies are part of our range of made-to-order electrical contact body. They receive a plastic insulator with inner contact: it is a coax connector for board-to-board PCB application.

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Based in Switzerland, Lemco Précision SA has a long-standing experience in the co-design and production of high-tech electrical contacts. As a result of this experience, we are also certified in standards relating to quality management systems.


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