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Since 1965, we have been producing high precision standard and customisable pin and socket contacts as well as inner bodies.


Thanks to our experience and the support of our expert employees, we are a major player in the co-design of contacts, based on customers' drawings and we are the specialist in the production of long electrical contacts, thin with small diameter as well as machining bent parts, and producing contacts with complex designs such as double-bent and miniature contacts. Regardless of the model, all of our products are subject to strict quality controls during each step in production and are manufactured to tight tolerances.


We are always looking to the future, and use innovation as the driving force behind our operations; we offer products to our client-partners which are at the cutting-edge of the latest technologies to boost the performance of their applications.


We produce more than 600 million contacts each year with a target of zero defects; these are used by some of the top 10 companies in our different sectors of activity:

  • Civil aviation
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Medical equipment
  • Fiber optics
  • Industrial systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation (non-automotive)
  • Rail
  • Tests & measurements


Being a dynamic company, we are continually diversifying our sectors of activity, with products adapted for use in 5G technologies or Nano Technology for example.









Collection of golden contacts in a container

First steps into the world of high-precision screw machining

Creation of the company Ultra-Précision in Monthey, Switzerland

Golden contact with bent tail in front of blue background

Creation of Lemco SA

Purchase of the Lemco SA group in Aigle, then moving to premises in Vionnaz

Stationary drill in an industrial setting

Purchase of Lemco SA

Purchase of Lemco SA by Ultra-Précision to strengthen its position in the market of high-precision screw machining

Collection of golden contacts being sorted in a circular sorting machine

Optimization of the organization and process harmonization

Merger of Ultra-Précision and Lemco SA, becoming Lemco Précision, headquartered in Vionnaz with a subsidiary in Monthey

Man wearing glasses and blue jacket observing machine processes

Improvement of manufacturing processes for costs optimisation

Purchase of the company DORIX SA, specialist in gold-plating, galvanoplasty, and nickel-plating in order to reinforce its expertise in this field

Straight golden contact in front of a dark yellow background

Constant innovation

Thanks to our experience, we continue to innovate and improve ourselves in order to strengthen our position as a leading manufacturer and continue to satisfy our clients

Our inheritance

Our history is made of inheritance and innovations. For more than 50 years, we have been challenging the norms by creating our own standards and continuously innovating. Our history is punctuated by strategic shifts, aiming to anticipate the needs of our clients and always offering state-of-the-art products.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide high-precision contacts which are customizable according to your needs by working with the best experts in the field. We use innovative solutions and state-of-the-art high-capacity manufacturing equipment (500 machines) while reducing our environmental impact.

Our mission

We produce state-of-the-art electronic and electrical contacts, which are both reliable and customizable according to the needs of our client-partners, ensuring the high performance of their systems and promoting user safety, regardless of the environments they are subjected to or the length of their use.

Our values

Innovative ideas: We encourage new thinking and ideas, constantly innovating and pushing the limits of technology.


Customization: We create long-lasting personal relationships with each client and offer customizable products.


Teamwork and ownership: Our departments work closely together for greater efficiency, but we also encourage individual initiatives.

Our principles

Respect: We respect technical specifications and delivery times along with promoting mutual respect in all business relationships. We respect our employees making their diversity our strength.


Innovation: Constant innovation to offer products meeting your expectations.


Work: Everyone must continue to improve themselves and give their best in order for the company to remain the leader.


Collective success: Together, we can go further.


Our vision

We want to become the leading manufacturer of nano contacts, as well as all other parts used in the Connectics industry, operating throughout the world and offering clients reliable products, adaptable to their specific needs, improving the performance of their systems, all the while respecting the environment.

Key facts

More than 600 million electrical contacts produced each year

Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and technicians, and our pool of more than 500 machines, we produce millions of contacts each year with a target of zero defects.

90% of our products exported across 4 continents

With our production capacity and international recognition, we operate across 4 continents and in over 20 countries worldwide.

98% customer satisfaction

98% of our clients are satisfied with the high performance of our parts and their reliability, as well as our various related services (customization, innovation, consignment inventory, on-time delivery, etc.).

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A dynamic and innovative company thanks to its teams

We sincerely believe that our teams are the key to our success. Through their diversity, dynamism, and experience, they push us to constantly reinvent ourselves and strengthen our position as a leading manufacturer in the high-precision Connectics sector.


Our Management Team

M. André Rezzonico

M. André Rezzonico

Chief Executive Officer

+41 24 482 35 35

M. Gérald Martinez

M. Gérald Martinez

Director of Sales and Business Development

+41 24 482 35 35

Our certifications


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SQS EN 9100
SQS EN 9100
REACH Compliant
REACH Compliant
RoHS Compliant
RoHS Compliant


Producing high-quality parts while promoting sustainable practices

Our goal is to produce high-precision contacts while reducing our carbon footprint and shaping a better world. We perform the following on a daily basis:

  • Sorting of waste products by collecting chips, swarf, and lubricants for recycling
  • Reducing the number of chemical substances and amount of lead
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