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Apprenticeships at Lemco Précision SA : The first step in an exciting career

An apprenticeship or internship at Lemco Précision SA is your gateway to the company, and more generally, the world of high-precision machining. We offer you a unique opportunity to become part of our innovative and dynamic company, whose expertise will allow you to work with the top 10 companies in various sectors (Civil aviation, Telecommunications, Defence and Aerospace, 5G technologies, and more).


By participating in our apprenticeship program, you will learn more than just a job: we offer a truly professional and personal experience, complete with challenges and rewards. Thanks to a balance between work and study, you will acquire theoretical knowledge as well as real practical experience. We offer apprenticeships and internships in various sectors, such as:


  • Mechanical engineer internship
  • Mechanical engineering apprenticeship
  • Mechanical engineering internship as well as internships in other divisions of the Group.


Throughout your time with Lemco Précision SA, you will be supervised by experienced section heads who will support you and help you grow and find your footing.

Apprenticeship at Lemco Précision SA

  • From the first day of your internship, you will be considered an employee, with your own skills and areas for improvement; we believe in continuous training here at Lemco Précision SA.


  • More than just an apprentice or intern, you get to experience the unique opportunity by becoming a part of a company where innovation is the driving force. You will help us accomplish innovative and challenging projects, enabling high-profile companies to improve the performance of their various electric and electronic applications.


  • By working with some of the top 10 international companies in the various sectors in which we operate, you will learn to excel and develop technical skills, as well as an eye for detail and precision, in addition to managing and optimising your workflow.


  • Finally, you will be able to learn from the experience of the most qualified personnel in their respective fields, whilst progressing in a company whose human capital and values are its biggest assets.

Precision screw machine training in our company

At Lemco Précision SA, we believe professional training is paramount and that the next generation represents our future. By training them, we also broaden our own horizons. We do everything in our power to train apprentices in the correct working techniques and we ensure full training in the field of precision screw machining with opportunities arising at the end of the contract. Our training programs consist of:


  • Introductory internship: Through this training, young people can take advantage of a first professional placement allowing them to discover the world of precision screw machines.


  • Apprenticeship: This is a longer and more extensive course. The apprentice will explore several sectors within our company. They will be required to complete theoretical courses as well as practical training in order to improve their technical work and become more self-sufficient in the field. For instance, the apprenticeship for a manufacturing technician lasts three years; the apprentice will attend classes on certain days and the rest of the time will be spent in our factory. They will receive comprehensive training and support from their instructor, allowing them to enter the labour market with significant expertise.

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