The value of our clients is the cornerstone of a long-term and successful relationship

At Lemco Précision SA, our clients are at the core of our strategy and operations. Our ambition is to create more than just a business relationship by creating a real partnership with our clients: a win-win relationship. Specialist in screw machining high-precision electrical contacts since 1965, Lemco Précision SA is a major player in the connectics market and operates in numerous sectors of activity:



By working with our company, you will benefit from our expertise in the production of standard contacts, bent contacts, complex geometries (double angle), as well as long, fine, and small-sized contacts. More than just a for-profit company, our commitment to our clients is enshrined in our ESG practices (Environmental, Social, and Governance). We provide undeniable product advantages to our client-partners while adopting sustainable practices and placing people at the heart of our actions. Put simply, the objective for our clients is based on the following elements:


  • An individual behind each contract
  • A personal relationship with a dedicated representative accompanying you throughout our partnership
  • A personalised response adapted to your needs

Customer engagement as a source of innovation

An innovative company, Lemco Précision SA aims to produce electrical contacts which match your needs as closely as possible, taking into account the special requirements of your sector of activity and the end-use of the contacts to be assembled on your connectors. Because your satisfaction drives us to succeed, we have created an Innovation department. In this department, our engineers work tirelessly to provide you with the highest quality parts. We are proud to be international experts in screw machining bent and complex contacts, "S-Shaped" contacts, as well as small-sized contacts ranging from #23 to #28.


In a proactive approach, we have developed innovative solutions for screw machining to anticipate any potential difficulties related to the life cycle of the contact, its use, or to resolve recurring problems. The Removable Micro Crimp Pin contact is part of our range of innovative solutions; it allows damaged connectors to be repaired without altering the shape or performance of the contact.

Your satisfaction, our inspiration for a long-lasting relationship

Providing our client-partners with products which they will be proud of, the performance of their systems is one of our priorities. As a socially-responsible company, we care about reducing our carbon footprint and are committed to using sustainable practices. The chips generated by our screw machining operations are systematically recycled. Our commitment to the environment has been recognised by European certifications, namely:


  • REACH, for our efforts to limit the use of chemical substances
  • RoHS, recognising the actions taken to reduce the amount of lead used in screw machining


We also do everything in our power to protect the safety and well-being of our employees in the workplace, ensuring the production of electrical contacts takes place in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 standards.

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