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The specialist in custom-made electrical contacts

Take advantage of Lemco Précision SA's expertise in the co-design and production of male and female contacts of various shapes and sizes. Our experts can offer technical support in the customization of your products and help you to fulfil your project goals. Thanks to our innovative production methods, we are able to anticipate and resolve any future problems and 100% guarantee zero defects as well as on-time delivery.

Lemco Précision SA

Custom Electrical Contacts

Our customed electrical contacts are co-designed based on your initial plans for production and they are adapted to meet specific requirements of each client. The engineering team at Lemco Précision SA will support you throughout the project. All of our custom-made screw machines products are designed with high precision. All products are subject to various quality control tests before final production and delivery.

Lemco Précision SA

Innovative Contact Solutions

Our innovative solutions for contacts are designed to address all kinds of problems. Our engineers will be involved at an early stage, collaborating with you during the co-design of your contact and we will be fully in charge of the next steps, from prototyping to final production and delivery. These solutions allow the design of existing products to be modified, and to co-develop new designs according to the original plans of the client.

High precision and customization


We are experts in the manufacture of custom-made electrical contacts, including the production of complex shapes with multiple angles, nano contacts, as well as customized quality control.

High technological capability

We own two high-capacity production plants, thanks to our 500 high-precision machines which produce more than 600 million contacts per year.

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Pin crimp

Our miniature pin contacts are manufactured in accordance with the AS 39029 & EN 3155 standards. They are produced with crimp barrel and it is possible to customize the back side to suit any specific requirement.


90° bended socket

Our sockets bend to 90° and tolerant to various conditions, including harsh environments. The pin has been machined in size #20, but we can provide different sizing and bend dimensions upon your request.


Hooded socket with Press-Fit

Hooded socket with pressfit is one of our latest contacts customizations. It has been co-designed and produced in our plants in Switzerland to enable assembly with PCB by tightening. Time savings on the assembly process and cost reduction are among its most significant benefits.


Quality Since

+50 years of expertise

From our Swiss-based company, our engineers will support you from the very first stages of your project: from co-designing the contacts, to manufactured to prototyping development. Our specialist technicians ensure the efficient production of contacts, thorough quality control, as well as on-time delivery.

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Tree Replicating the Shape of the World

Committed to the planet

We are dedicated to reducing the number of chemical substances and amount of lead used in screw machine manufacturing. Our actions in terms of our environmental impact have been recognised by RoHS and REACH certifications. We also encourage all of our associates to adopt a socially responsible attitude.

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About us

Leaders in high precision screw machine parts

We have two contacts production sites located in Switzerland with long-standing experience of over 50 years.


Continuous innovation: Looking to the future and listening to the needs of our clients, we are continually developing innovative solutions allowing the design of existing products to be changed and identifying any future difficulties while providing appropriate solutions to resolve issues. Our techniques also facilitate rapid machine set up, as well as a reduction in lead time and production costs.


Contacts customization: Our savoir-faire allows your contacts to be customized regardless of your requirements, in addition to being subject to strict quality control, in order to offer you a solution tailored to your needs.

Providing technical solutions: A dedicated engineer will support you throughout your project. They will help you by co-developing and adapting your design for the manufacture of the final product and will supervise the creation of the prototype before production. They will provide full technical support.


High technological capacity and capability: Our production plants are equipped with more than 500 machines performant for various contacts production. They are capable of manufacturing any volume and we produce more than 600 million parts annually with a target of zero defaults.


Lemco Précision SA, the specialist in machining high-precision contacts from our Swiss-based production plants.


Our teams are formed of experts and professionals from different backgrounds

Lemco Précision SA

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EN 9100
EN 9100
REACH Compliant
REACH Compliant
RoHS Compliant
RoHS Compliant

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Experts in the machining of contacts since 1965

Based in Switzerland, Lemco Précision SA has long-standing experience in the co-design and production of high-tech electrical contacts. As a result of this experience, we are also certified in standards relating to quality management systems.


Scalable, high-volume manufacturing

As a company vertically integrated, we are involved in all production lines by also providing plating services. Our production sites consist of 500 sophisticated machines such as high-speed screw machines, multiaxis CNC machines, as well as high-speed transfer machines. We are therefore able to produce different types and volumes of contacts, standard, bent, or more complex shaped designs, as well as miniature contacts.


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Head of Sales

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